What to Consider When Choosing a Glass Splashback

pink kitchen glass splashback

Splashbacks are available in a variety of styles, colours, and designs for your home. Their versatility in creativity provides many options when selecting one, but it can also make it challenging to choose the perfect one for your kitchen.

Besides their adaptability to creativity, splashbacks offer several other benefits, such as being easier to clean than tiles, completely water-resistant, more hygienic than other options, and more. These are some of the main selling points of splashbacks, and you will experience these benefits with any splashback you choose.

However, many people are unsure what colour or style is best for their property when purchasing a splashback.

In this blog post, we will guide you on how to choose a glass splashback for your home. This way, your kitchen can be cleaner and more hygienic while looking impressive and aesthetically pleasing for you and the people on your property.


Choosing the colour of your splashback can be challenging. It is best to make the decision after everything in your kitchen is installed beside the splashback. This way, you can have a better idea of what would look great with your existing kitchen colours. 

A good way to decide on colour is to match the splashback’s colour with the furniture or appliances’ colours. This can create an appealing matching look in your kitchen and keep the design simple. Kitchens designed with a simple white colour or with wood go well with colourful splashbacks, as they can add a powerful zing and unique look. 

As splashbacks come in all different colours, there are many different options that will look great with your white or wooden kitchen. We recommend trying out multiple colours to find what splashback is perfect for you. Lighter colours in smaller kitchens are great for making your kitchen feel more spacious due to the splashback’s reflective properties. 

Splashbacks are also great for commercial use and establishing the image of your brand or business. Kitchens in workplaces are ideal locations to have splashbacks installed, due to their adaptability to colour and hygiene. Choosing a colour for a splashback for a place of work is simple, as you can choose the main colours of your business. 

If you want to know more about the colours that we offer at Dunstable Glass, please feel free to contact us. If you are unsure about what style or colour of splashback you would like, we will be happy to provide advice. If you need inspiration or ideas for glass splashbacks, there are plenty available online. If you find a design that interests you, please send it to us, and we will check if we can install it. We provide a multitude of different colours, so it is unlikely we will not be able to cater to your needs.


Did you know that splashbacks don’t have to be installed all across your kitchen? You can choose to have them in specific areas, such as behind appliances like hobs, sinks, kettles, and microwaves. This way, you can add a splashback without compromising the design of your kitchen. You can also be more creative with colours, patterns, and designs when you only install splashbacks in certain parts of your kitchen.

If you prefer to have splashbacks all across your kitchen, it’s best to choose basic colours for a simple and stylish look. Ultimately, the decision is yours to find the ideal design for your kitchen.

Did you know that splashbacks can also be installed in other areas of your property? Dunstable Glass can install glass splashbacks in bathrooms, bars, dressing rooms, offices, and other places where they can be a striking focal point. Splashbacks are not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical in keeping the area clean and hygienic, which is especially important in workplaces to prevent the spread of illness. For more information on where splashbacks are most effective, please refer to our splashbacks page.


Many people prefer to have a pattern or design on their kitchen splashbacks instead of just a solid colour. This is a great way to add uniqueness and style to your kitchen. However, choosing a pattern can be more challenging than choosing a colour, since patterns consist of multiple colours.

To create an attractive and effective patterned kitchen, try to find a pattern that matches the colours of your kitchen and its appliances. This way, the pattern will blend in well with your kitchen. If you’re looking for a more extravagant pattern, it can be helpful to search for appliances or furniture in similar colours.

Bold colours can also look great as accents in specific areas of your kitchen rather than covering the entire space. Additionally, splashbacks can have special effects like sparkle or metallic finishes, which can add a unique touch to your kitchen or complement appliances with similar finishes.

Dunstable Glass is a company that has been providing excellent glass splashback installation and design services in areas like Luton, Watford, North London, Milton Keynes, and surrounding areas for many years. If you have an idea for a kitchen splashback project, don’t hesitate to reach out to them at 01582 807865 or visit their showroom to discuss your needs and work together on your project.

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