Summer is definitely over. Days of sitting in the garden, soaking up the sun are gone. The cold winds and rain showers are sending us huddling back inside our homes, desperately seeking some warmth and comfort. Winter is coming, and now it’s your home’s chance to shine.

Earlier this year, we shared some of our top spring decorating tips. Now, with winter fast approaching, we take a look at some seasonal suggestions for making your home the stylish, cosy sanctuary you’ve been dreaming of.

Enhance Natural Light Flow

mirror in house reflecting natural light

With less light around during winter, it is imperative that we do our best to maximise the natural light in our homes as exposure to natural light has been proven to boost our mood and wellbeing. Mirrors are a great way to increase the flow of natural light in the home, by reflecting the light they spread it throughout the room, while also giving the illusion of more space for an added bonus.

Utilise decorative mirrors throughout your space for a light, airy feel. And don’t feel you have to limit yourself to hanging mirrors on your walls. Mirrors can be propped up against things or even feature creatively in hanging decorations or reflective table surfaces.

For bespoke mirrors, visit Dunstable Glass in Bedfordshire. See our range of mirrors or have one cut to size to your exact specifications while you wait. For more information, visit our showroom. Interested in some bespoke wardrobe mirrors? Get in touch! 

Evergreen Beauty

winter garland

The flowers may be tucked up for the winter, but there is still a wealth of stunning greenery around to be seen. Winter is the evergreens’ time to shine. Make way for fir, pine and holly in your home decor. Fill vases with twigs and leafy branches. Make a garland using cuttings from fir trees. Pinterest is filled with inspiration for making greenery the centre of your home decor.  

Soft and Comfy Fabrics

cosy fabrics and cushions winter decor

Tartan, wool, faux fur, velvet. Gather together some plush fabrics and start layering up to seriously increase the comfort vibes in your space. Winter is all about getting cosy and making the most of your time indoors. In 2016, the Danish word ‘hygge’ burst into the UK’s consciousness and we readily adopted the term, filling our spaces with things that provide us with comfort and improve our wellbeing. Filling your home with cosy fabrics is a great way to start embracing hygge. Think chunky knit blankets, luxurious velvet throws and big white fluffy faux fur rugs.

Natural Accents

wooden candle decorations with wooden tray

Up your home’s stylish feel by bringing some natural elements into your winter decor. Shed deer antlers or even faux antlers made from clay or paper mache can add to the wintry natural vibes, making a striking table centrepiece or wall art. Pine cones offer endless possibilities for decor; from filling a bowl with them to displaying them around the mantelpiece or windowsill as a nice focal point for the room. Natural wood decorations such as candle holders or woven baskets is another effective way to bring the outside into your home this winter, while also giving it a cosy feel, conjuring images of roaring wood fires and chestnuts roasting.  

Winter Colour Schemes

cool blue winter colour palette

Red, gold and green are colours that practically scream Christmas. And while we love Christmas, if you’re opting for a more understated or less festive feel for your winter home decor, here are a few colours that suggest winter without the Christmas connotations.


Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! While we may not get much snow here in the UK, infusing your home with a bright white colour palette can help you imagine that snow is falling outside while you’re tucked up indoors.


Add hints of evergreen to your winter decor to bring some winter wonderland touches to your home. Deep, rich shades such as Dulux’s Forest Festival and Emerald Glade work well, contrasting beautifully with lighter tones such as white and cream.


Cooler blue tones add a wintry feel to your home decor and can be incorporated almost anywhere; from fabrics to furnishings, wall art to lampshades. Opt for cooler shades such as sapphire or teal. Don’t go overboard though, unless a nautical theme is more your thing.

Deck the Hearth

fireplace hearth

The living room heart is the heart of the home at winter time. Whether you’re fortunate enough to have a beautiful working fireplace to gather round when it’s chilly outside or not, there is lots of things you can do to decorate your hearth or mantelpiece for winter. Back to hygge, candles are a cosy staple when it comes to home decor. Add some lit candles to your mantelpiece or around the hearth (provided they are safe from children or animals) for that extra warm feel. Mantelpieces are also great for hanging decor such as a garland of greenery or fairy lights.

Let There be Light

lit candle decorations

Continuing with the light theme, switch off the main ceiling lights and opt for alternative lighting such as candles, fairy lights and lamps to provide the ultimate cosy space this winter. Low lighting is a great way to help you relax into your evening after a long day and to really get that hygge sense flowing.

Winter Windows

winter window covered in ice

Keep your home warm this winter by ensuring your windows are up to scratch. Old windows that are no longer working properly will be ineffective when it comes to keeping drafts out and trapping heat in. Additionally, windows that are single glazed allow heat to escape freely. This not only makes your home colder but also costs you more money in attempting to heat your home. Installing double glazed windows will help to insulate your home, ensuring it stays warm during the winter months. To find out more about windows and double glazing, visit Dunstable Glass.

Try out these tips for yourself, or experiment with different suggestions and your home will be transformed into a cosy haven in time for winter.


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