Framed and Made To Measure Mirrors

Framed & Made To Measure Mirrors

Dunstable Glass and Glazing prides itself on proving a fast and efficient supply of a wide selection of mirrors.  Our glass and mirror technicians are fully qualified and experienced.  We can supply and install bespoke mirrors for the following sectors:

  • Residential mirrors for your home
  • Retail – mirrors for shops, hair & beauty salons, restaurants, cafes, bars and pubs
  • Offices – health and safety compliant mirrors
  • Education – mirrors for schools, colleges and universities.
  • Commercial mirrors for factories and warehouses that are fully health & Safety compliant

Visit the galleries at Britannia Mirrors or Yearn Glass to see some examples of our range.

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Why Dunstable Glass?

Superbly Crafted

Hugely Fashionable

Over 40 Years of Experience

High Quality & Elegant

Our Services

  • We can cut mirrors to any size, depth and shape
  • We can cut out shapes for features or plug sockets
  • We can polish the mirrors
  • We can provide a bevelling service
  • We can sandblast mirrors
  • We offer a ‘brilliant mirror’ cutting service.

No home is complete with the appropriate mirror in the appropriate place. The size, shape and depth of mirror should reflect the dimensions of the room and mood that you are trying to create. With over 50 years of local experience, we are certain that we can help you to choose the appropriate mirror. We have a wide selection on display at our showroom. If you are unable to find the right mirror here, we are able to cut and produce one either while you wait or within a short period of time. We not only supply mirrors, but can install them for you to ensure that it has that perfect look and feel.

We can provide mirrors for:

  • Special features for the lounge, living room or hallway
  • Bathroom mirrors, from a small vanity mirror to a fully mirrored wall.
  • Bedroom mirrors for the wall or ceiling. Dressing table mirrors
  • Furniture mirrors, including wardrobe mirrors
  • Glass Mirror Splashbacks for the kitchen or home bar

Mirrors general – there are so many places that you can place a mirror. If you are unsure about the size, depth or finish, our technicians will be happy to help Full length mirrors for hallways and dressing rooms can also be supplied. If you are looking for something special with sandblasting and bevelling, or non-evasive bolts call our specialist technicians who can help you with more information on 01582 477767

Fully trained and experienced technicians. We can supply and install mirrors in an extensive range of styles, sizes and finishes.We can cater for all tastes, requirements and budgets.

Providing mirrors into your residential or commercial property can enhance the look and feel. Areas that feel small or tightly cramped can be given the illusion of depth and space. Whatever you’re looking for, whether it is a large statement piece mirror or a smaller bathroom mirror, we at Dunstable Glass offer a wide selection of mirror designs to suit any purpose. We can provide antique mirrors, coloured mirrors or tinted mirrors. If you need any further help or assistance call us now.

Large or small, framed or frameless. We can provide bespoke wall mirrors for homes and commercial properties throughout Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire. We can even hang it for you, if you like. Need a full length wall mirror for your bedroom? Or a hallway mirror? We can help. Get in touch today for mirrors cut to size.

Made to measure bathroom mirrors. We supply mirrors that can be installed on your bathroom wall, even on tile. Bathroom mirrors can be hung on tiles in two ways: with clips or with holes in the corners to drill directly into the tile. Speak to a member of our team for advice.

Vanity mirrors and dressing table mirrors. Make getting ready even easier with a bespoke dressing table mirror from Dunstable Glass. Feel like a movie star with your own personalised dressing table mirror. You could even install lights around it. Contact us for a quote today.

If you are looking for a framed mirror, our showroom has a wide selection of mirrors on display. There are simple traditional mirrors, to those framed mirrors with intricate designs and finishes.  We also have over 50 years of mirror supply and installation, so if we do not stock a suitable mirror we can either cut and create, or source from our extensive range of contacts.  We have framed wall mirrors, framed full length mirrors, free standing framed mirrors, framed dressing table mirrors and framed bathroom mirrors.

We supply and fit made to measure mirrors for commercial premises. From housing developments to schools to shopping centres. Our services include:

Get a quote for commercial mirrors from the team at Dunstable Glass today.

Framed & Frameless Mirrors

Beautiful and functional, our framed and unframed mirrors are suitable for both residential and commercial spaces. From the bedroom or bathroom to the foyer or boardroom, these superbly crafted mirrors will add new dimension to any interior space.

Bevelled Edge Mirrors

Bevelled mirrors are hugely fashionable, with slanted (bevelled) edges that act to catch and refract light, creating a wondrous and attractive visual effect. Bevelled edge mirrors are sure to give any room in your home a classic ambience. If you would like to have your mirror bevelled, simply speak to our friendly staff, who will be more than happy to help.

Bespoke Mirror Services

If you’ve been relentlessly struggling to find the right mirror for your space, our team at Dunstable Glass can expertly cut any mirror to your exact specifications. With over 40 years of experience and using the very latest tools and techniques, our specialists can fashion a high quality, elegant mirror into whatever size or elaborate shape you desire.

Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on the application, size, depth and finish, we at Dunstable Glass can cut most mirrors on site* or will have your requirement produced at a larger facility. Most domestic mirrors, dance studio mirrors, restaurant mirrors and commercial mirrors can be produced at our workshop facilities in Dunstable which can service all major towns and cities on and surrounding areas of the M1, M25 and M40 motorway networks.

*subject to workshop commitments

Yes, if it’s a straightforward job. We have the skills and specialist equipment to cut your glass to the exact size you need while-you-wait in our showroom.

When a mirror is cut, there are sharp edges that can be dangerous.  We at Dunstable Glass & Glazing use diamond grinding equipment to firstly remove these sharp edges and then a cerium polishing wheel to ensure that there is a clean and immaculate finish to the mirror.  We advise that the edges on all mirrors are supplied with polished ‘D edge flat polish. This in essence means that the mirrors are extremely attractive when viewed from their sides. By doing this, we can also ensure that when multiple mirrors are required, they can be butted up against one another to create a seamless joint.  This makes the finished mirrors even more attractive for you to enjoy.

A bevel is where an attractive secondary mirror reflection effect is created by grounding away at an angle the main mirror or glass piece. Once the edges have been polished, a clean and attractive effect is created. This can then be taken away to be frames to your desired effect or hung with a clean and modern look. We recommend that the bevel effect is used in all our framed mirrors. Bevelling is used a lot in art deco installations, the size of the bevel should be in proportion to the overall size of the mirror as disproportions can make the end effect unattractive. We advise that for larger bevel edges that you speak to one of our specialist technicians who can advise you or send a custom mirror enquiry by email.

At Dunstable Glass & Glazing we can manufacture, supply and fit mirrors and mirrored glass in an extensive range of sizes, depths and finishes.  The depths can range from 4mm by 6mm to 3 metres by 2 metres depending on where the glass is required.  We can also help to ensure that the mirrors are health and safety compliant for those areas in public access so that your customers, your staff and the business are secure from liability claims.  We manufacture all our mirrors, thereby allowing us to tailor fit them to fit your exact requirements. If you are unsure about the size, style or finish contact us to arrange a free, no obligation.

Why Dunstable Glass?

For centuries people have used mirrors for both decorative and practical reasons.

Whether to reflect on ourselves or to enhance the feeling of space in a room, mirrors are a ubiquitous feature of the home and office alike. Dunstable Glass offers home owners, interior designers, builders and architects an extensive collection of mirrors to choose from.

At our showroom in Dunstable you’ll find a fantastic selection of high quality framed, unframed and bevelled mirrors.