Steamed up or Misty Window Repairs

Steamed up or Misty Windows

We at Dunstable Glass and Glazing can help you with misted or steamed windows. We can replace the glass and properly seal the panes of glass and units to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Misty Windows, poorly sealed units and frames compromise the efficiency of the windows and cause many problems such as:

  • Property heat loss
  • Rising Energy bills due to heat loss and inefficient windows
  • The formation of mould around the property

This can be a hazard to your health, especially if there is a build-up of damp and mould in the room, which is why it’s important to have this problem fixed as quickly and efficiently as possible by a team of experts.

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Why Dunstable for Steamed Up Glass Solutions?

Increase in Insulation

5 Year Guarantee

More Secure

Retain Heat More Efficiently

steamed up or misty windows

Replacing Misted Double Glazed Units

If your double glazed unit need replacing, Dunstable Glass can help. We offer swift and efficient glass replacement services throughout Dunstable, Luton, Aylesbury, Watford, Bletchley, Leighton Buzzard and the surrounding areas.

Our glass technicians have years of experience and offer friendly, professional customer service. Contact us today a quote.

Window Condensation

Condensation in double glazing and misted up windows require specialist help to restore them back to functional condition. If you are looking to replace your steamed up windows or require expert double glazing repair services, don’t hesitate to contact us now.

Serving residential and commercial properties throughout Luton, Dunstable, Watford, Hatfield, St Albans, Milton Keynes, Potters Bar, Borehamwood, Leighton Buzzard, Welwyn and North London we provide free quotations and call outs, as well as fast delivery times for a service you can rely on.

Failed double glazed units, more often referred to as misted or steamed up double glazed units, are caused by a break in the hot melt sealant. This is used to form a seal between the two panes of glass and is applied behind the spacer bar of the double glazed sealed unit. If there is a break in the hot melt sealant, it allows air to enter the double glazed unit.

Over a period of time this results in a slow build-up of excessive moisture within the double glazed sealed unit. As this air can’t escape quickly enough, the hot and moist air rises, resulting in the misty or cloudy sealed units. The longer a double glazed sealed unit remains failed it will increase the likelihood of the internal surfaces of the glass being stained due to the persistent condensing within the unit (condensation in double glazing.) At this point on a warm or cooler day the double glazed unit will always appear misted.

Call the experienced technicians so that you can see clearly through your windows clearly.

Why choose Dunstable Glass?

It is important not to let failed units aggravate you, contact our dedicated team of experienced glazing technicians can supply you with quality panes of glass to solve your problems. All domestic glazed units come with a 10 year guarantee. Our dedicated experts conduct all their glazing work to the highest possible standards, ensuring reliable use for many years to come

The Double Glazed units are easily replaced and we can match any type of lead work, Georgian bars or pattern glass to match existing units.

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Based on 95 reviews
Clare Frary
Clare Frary
16 September 2023
Repaired an old window in a listed building with care and attention to detail. Highly recommend.
Lorraine Butcher
Lorraine Butcher
18 August 2023
I would highly recommend Dunstable Glass, especially their glass fitter Michael. Had to have the splashback for our cooker hob replaced. He was very efficient, friendly and tidy - thank you for a brilliant job.
Mark Jones
Mark Jones
26 July 2023
A great store, I’ve turned up a few occasions and asked for glass to be cut and it’s been done in 10 minutes while I wait. Highly recommended!!
joe samuel
joe samuel
25 July 2023
Very good service. Really appreciate the service. I have ordered patio glass.
5 June 2023
Good price for the service
James C
James C
26 May 2023
Ordered some glass cut to size. Quick turnaround, the sheets were ready within half an hour of me calling. Decent quality glass, accurately measured to the mm.
Dariusz Silarski
Dariusz Silarski
21 May 2023
Professional and friendly.
Jeff Bulled
Jeff Bulled
4 April 2023
I had a bevelled mirror made to size and had a great service. The mirror was perfect and at a fair price.
malcolm skinner
malcolm skinner
10 March 2023
Wonderful service great advice and price friendly service and quick delivery would recommend them 100% Thankyou