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Since commencing trading in 1979, Dunstable Glass have been cutting, fitting and replacing glass in homes and businesses around the Aylesbury area. Our highly trained window fitting team have many years of experience between them, allowing them to advise you on your best course of action when fitting or replacing a glass feature or window in your home or business. Call one of our team on 01582 807976 or visit our product page on Glass Suppliers Aylesbury today to get the best advice for your glass installation or replacement.

When Should I Replace My Glass In my Property?

Glass Suppliers Aylesbury
Glass Suppliers Aylesbury

Broken glass in your home or business can not only be dangerous but can cause you to be wasting money due to heat leaking out of your windows. Other risks include damp, loose interior walls, loose exterior walls and glass becoming hot from natural sunlight. When to replace your glass can be difficult to judge. If you see any of the below points, contact us today for an evaluation and advice:

  • Chips and cracks – These are created when the glass is damaged by impact such as a football or a stone, or even being knocked over. They can reduce your property’s energy efficiency by allowing heat to escape from it, and can lower it’s resistance to sunlight and other damage.
  • Broken Panes – A small chip or crack on one of your glass panes or glass sheet, can eventually turn into a full shattered piece of glass. This can be extremely dangerous and leave your property susceptible to burglars.
  • Condensation or frost building up on your window edges – An ill-fitting glass pane can mean that moisture is getting into your home and colliding with your property’s hot air and getting stuck on the window. Condensation can cause mould, damp and even rot your window frames
  • Hot windows during the summer – Old windows can actually turn your house into a greenhouse when their reflection property wears off.

Services offered by leading glass suppliers in Aylesbury, Dunstable Glass

Glass is always going to play a big part in the structure & look of a home. Whether it’s used for double glazed windows to insulate the home, glass splashbacks to add some colour to your kitchen or even for shelving or coffee tables, glass is used everywhere.

At Dunstable, we know that glass is more than just a material. It’s a way of incorporating aesthetic qualities that other materials can’t achieve. Whether it be glazing, splashbacks or mirrors, Dunstable knows that glass is important. This is why we take it upon ourselves to provide a quality glass service for those that need quality glass supply in Aylesbury, regardless of their needs and requirements.

Dunstable has been a family owned business since the very beginning 40 years ago. Whenever a customer enquires with Dunstable Glass, they will always receive the personal and tailored touch that people have come to expect from a leading glass supplier.
We have been providing a leading service in residential and commercial glass solutions to local families, landlords, and business owners for more than 40 years.

Dunstable Glass – Products & Services in Aylesbury

1. Bespoke Glass

At Dunstable, we know that our clients ought to get more than “off the shelf” products. It’s for this reason alone that we offer bespoke glass cutting so that we can fulfil our customers needs so they’re getting truly tailored products. When it comes to glass, there truly isn’t a “one size fits all” since glass needs to be sized accordingly to fit in exact frames, walls or windows.

Dunstable aims to offer the best finishing & installation services at affordable prices. Our teams of specialist glaziers are capable of doing everything whilst you wait, minimising the time you’re having to wait for glass to be installed! This for a business as well as a residential job means you have less downtime when you’re having glass products fitted.

2. Adaptable design and offers

There is no constraint to what type of glass you want. At Dunstable, everything imaginable, we can easily do. Our wide variety of glass can provide clients with options as they quite simply choose the configuration they want. The buyer is always right and what they need is always completed.

3. Free Guidance

Many people don’t have a clear picture of what they want in terms of glass. No Matter If it is the shower door, kitchen tables, cabinets or just windows, we provide totally free suggestions and point buyers to determine the perfect glass and designs for their property. With numerous years of expertise and love for glass, we know individuals and their vision to the letter.

4. Free Delivery

Any purchase that may be travelling under 5 miles from our business will get sent without charge. Our product packaging remains safe and secure and neat so not one glass will break in transit.

5. Affordable Installation

As opposed to ordering glass using a retail outlet and committing to a professional to install it in the house, why don’t you consider getting everything at the same place? As soon as an individual decides on glass and gets it cut to perfection the Dunstable Glass workforce also fits and installs your piece the spot where you want in the house. This ensures work is performed to completion as well as the customer is happy the entire way.

6. Repairs

It’s unfortunate that glass may be very straightforward to crack and typically at most undesirable times. At Dunstable, we repair cracked glass, smashed panes and glazing fast. We have got around 60 years of experience in glass maintenance which include finishing and decorations.

Dunstable’s Wide Selection of Glass

1. Toughened Safety Glass

Our glass has the exact same width as normal glass but five times tougher. This is to make sure that ıt’s going to work for a very long time without breaking or damage. Toughened safety glass is made for significant loads or substantial traffic zones. Whether its dining room table tops, vehicle window, shelves, door glass or even just protective furniture glass. You will be assured it’s sufficiently strong enough to handle the pressure. Another advantage of toughened safety glass is usually that in the unfortunate event that it smashes, it will break into compact small parts and never razor-sharp shards that will be very dangerous. What’s more, it’s much easier to design and style and cut into distinct sizes and shapes.

2. Laminated Glass

Should you require good quality glass on your entrance doors, store facade or balustrades, laminated glass is the best option. This glass remains safe with a formidable interlayer that is definitely undetectable to the naked eye. The leading advantages other than being very secure is that it doesn’t shatter when broken or cracked simply because it is placed together safely and securely. Laminated glass offers not only resilience and strength in high-impact zones but in addition sound insulating and protection towards Ultra violet rays.

3. Mirrored Glass

Those days are gone when decorative mirrors were basic and uninteresting. Today, mirrors are built to appear extemporary to serve countless functions in the house interior decoration. Our decorative mirrors can add more style, functionality and create an illusion of space or room in your home. Dunstable Ltd will custom -make any shape and size of mirror glass using the specific taste of any customer. We pride ourselves on being adaptable and flexible and this is demonstrated in the mirrors we make. We have an assortment of frames for the mirror to slot in any space of the home.

4. Balustrade Glass

Almost noth makes a balcony, veranda or stairway look more fashionable than an exquisite balustrade made from glass. The team comprehends the particular architecture needed when producing balustrade glass for the clients. Together with designing and cutting the best fit suitable for you we also come and place the custom balustrade glass where you desire it. There are many other innovative methods one can use balustrade glass this includes fencing the swimming pool area, rooftop balconies and outside patios.

5. Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is perfect for increasing personal privacy and bringing some colour into the bathroom, church and meeting spaces. Dunstable limited has a variety of tinted, textured and translucent glass for creative and level of privacy functions.

6. Coloured Splashback Glass

Home décor is really important. Yet, certain places like the bathroom and kitchen are subject to splashes and spillages which could ruin that interior decoration. Our coloured splashback glass comes in handy to shield these surface areas and keep the areas exquisite. Glass is easy to wipe or clean and the shades add style and beauty.

At Dunstable limited, we have strong beliefs of respect, reliability and high quality. All our jobs are carried out promptly, with efficiency and affordable pricing. Everything you could desire with regard to glass, Dunstable will go that step further to make or get it for you.

For additional details on glass, mirrored glass, toughened safety glass, balustrade glass or splashbacks, call our team on 01582 807976 or visit our page on Glass Suppliers In Aylesbury

When Is The Best Time Of The Year To Replace Windows?

It can be hard to predict when your window is going to break and require repair. Checking your windows regularly will lower your chances of being caught out in the middle of winter with a broken glass window. Keep an eye out for small chips, cracks and any drafts that you can feel by holding your hand close to the window.

Glass Suppliers Aylesbury
Glass Suppliers Aylesbury

The ideal time to have replacement windows installed is spring or early summer. This means that you will not lose excessive heat through the broken windows during winter and cold air during the summer.

As glass window fitters, we also prefer to replace windows in the spring or summer due to the fact many window frame materials expand and shrink in certain weathers, such as heat and rain. Our experienced team have replaced windows in many different weather conditions so there is no job that we cannot complete.

Transform your home with professional glass & expert design

If you’re looking to renovate/redecorate a room or even your entire home, Dunstable Glass can provide a service that you can rely on. When you consider a home and it’s decor, you want to be enquiring with a provider that can ensure quality & class when it comes to glass. Products like balustrade glass are not only for commercial scale properties, as you’re able to make use of the gorgeous features wherever you would like in your home.

About Us

With almost 40 years experience, our knowledgeable team have installed, repaired and replaced many windows with very specific specifications in residential and commercial properties in Aylesbury and the surrounding areas. We are a professional glazier with a fully qualified team to assist you with replacing your glass around your property.

If you are looking for glass restoration, glass replacement, safety glass, mirrored glass, balustrade glass, splashback glass, glass inspiration or Replacement Glass in Aylesbury or anywhere in the Bedfordshire region then give us a call on 01582 807976 and one of our highly experienced team can help you. Alternatively, visit our showroom in Dunstable or take a look at our wide variety of products and services on Glass Suppliers Aylesbury.