Why Glass Splashbacks Can Make a Great Difference in Your Kitchen

Glass Splashbacks

Arguably, the kitchen is the most crucial room in your entire house. If you think about it, you can live without a bedroom. There’s always a sofa or a cosy floor you can rest on with a blanket. A kitchen gives you a place to store, prepare and cook food in a way that is safe for consumption; it provides you with clean water, and it also gives you facilities that can keep your house hygienic.

Living without a kitchen would be difficult, so as we are pretty much obliged to have one, we may as well make the most of it by decorating it in a way that complements our home. Decorating your kitchen is great because much of the decoration will be functional. An example of a functional decoration in your kitchen is a Splashback.

A splashback is the area behind your kitchen counter. This area is vital because it is vulnerable to becoming dirty, unhygienic and damaged. Splashbacks are a crucial means of fighting water damage and bacteria in your kitchen, and glass splashbacks are an excellent option for kitchens for multiple reasons.

The Appearance

Despite the functionality of Glass Splashbacks, they are also impressively aesthetically pleasing. The incredible appearance of glass splashbacks is probably the most common reason people choose to have glass splashbacks. People do crave the shiny, trendy, unique, and bold pop glossy look dashed across their kitchen.

A significant positive is that they can also go with the design of pretty much any kitchen. Glass as a material is also talented at complementing lighting features and drawing attention to its beauty. Reflections off the glass can easily brighten up your kitchen, creating the illusion of having more space.

This could be a significant plus for smaller kitchens. Most people who own glass splashbacks select contrasting colours to create a striking look, but there is no reason why you can’t use your creativity and whatever colour you wish.

The possibilities for glass splashbacks are endless. They are widely available in all sorts of colours and designs, and your options for customisation are truly unlimited. Before installation, you can choose exactly what your glass splashback looks like.

The colour back options are available in pretty much every colour, so whatever the design of your kitchen, a glass splashback can match it. There are also multiple printing options with Glass Splashbacks. If you wish to have a more artistic kitchen design with a glass splashback, it is still possible and would look great!

Glass Splashback

Practical Option

Another significant advantage of using glass splashbacks over traditional options such as tiles is their ease of use. If you own tiles, you must clean them regularly to avoid them becoming mouldy. Having mouldy tiles is not just attractive but also unhygienic.

When tiles are installed, they are stuck with a material called grout. If the grout becomes mouldy, it can even rot in some cases. This could be an extreme problem in your kitchen. Glass splashbacks do not have this issue, as the toughened glass is constructed in one place. This is a huge advantage, as you will not have to clean the splashback as often, making it way easier to clean.

Any material near the stove will turn brown a few days after use. Grease is also quite stubborn when stuck to a surface. With Glass Splashbacks, grease can be easily cleaned by just using some cleaning liquid and a cloth. Glass splashbacks make day-to-day life easier by reducing the cleaning time and making it easier.

It might also sound strange to suggest that glass is an excellent material in a hot place like the kitchen, but glass being dangerous in the kitchen is far from the truth. Toughened glass is one of the most suitable materials for your kitchen, especially as a splashback.

If you are considering a glass splashback and you are in the Dunstable area, look no further. Dunstable Glass can fit the design of glass splashbacks in your kitchen. Our installers can also advise you on the toughness of our glass and its heat resistance. If you wish to speak to one of our friendly team members, call us today on 01908 888996.


Something that bothers homeowners about having a new splashback is the time it takes for installation. The worry that they won’t be able to clean up after themselves or cook in their kitchen deters homeowners. Tiles and mosaics can take quite some time to install. On the other hand, the glass splashback process is much quicker.

Measurements and glass cutting are done before the installation so the process can be as quick as possible. This way, you can enjoy your glass splashback and experience its benefits immediately. Dunstable Glass can provide you with glass splashbacks, and our highly experienced professional team can install them after they have been designed.

We proudly serve Dunstable and surrounding areas with excellent service and have built an outstanding reputation with our customers. If you live in the Dunstable area and would like to enquire about having a Glass Splashback installed, feel free to call us on 01908 888996. Our website also offers the option to get a free quote for any of our magnificent services.

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