If you’re considering getting a glass splashback for your kitchen or bathroom, it can be helpful to see examples of different splashbacks to help inspire you. Decorating a space can be difficult, with so many choices, it can be hard to define your preferred style. Choosing a colour scheme, patterns and materials are necessary to pull together a unique style. We’ve put together some examples of stylish kitchens and bathrooms which incorporate glass splashbacks into their design, to hopefully give you some inspiration for your own project.

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Mirrored Glass Splashback

mirrored glass splashback

This contemporary styled black and white country kitchen has used a black mirrored glass splashback to reflect light around the airy space. The mirrored black glass blends in beautifully with the black fridge, countertop, feature walls and chairs, while contrasting with the white walls and kitchen cupboards. Effortlessly stylish.


Clear Glass Splashback

clear glass splashback

In this kitchen, a glass splashback has been used to protect the beautiful red brickwork of the wall behind. The clear glass blends beautifully against the backdrop of the rustic brick, maintaining the traditional feel of the brick and wood while injecting some modernity which is complemented by the white cupboards and stainless steel oven and refrigerator. The brick and wood provide warmth, while the white and glass offer an improved natural light flow through the kitchen.

clear glass splashback blue kitchen

This kitchen design also used a clear glass splashback. The design is very simple, combining a lovely yet striking blue shade with delicate pine cupboards and a white wall. Behind the splashback is some simple yet beautifully patterned wallpaper which shines through the glass splashback.


White Glass Splashback

white splashback blue kitchen

We love the bold blue of this kitchen. The aqua shade mixed with the white makes for a wonderfully light, bright space that is surely a pleasure to spend time in. The harshness of the colours is removed by the natural looking wood flooring, which softens the overall look and feel of the space. The white glass splashback is a lovely addition to a truly fun and functional room design.


Chocolate Brown Glass Splashback

brown glass splashback

A sumptuous looking chocolate brown splashback makes this cosy kitchen look good enough to eat! The colour looks great combined with off white cupboards and countertops and striking wood patterned drawers. Reminds us of a box of Belgian chocolates!


Black Glass Splashback

black glass splashback in kitchen

Another black, white and wooden kitchen. The use of white cupboards, a black splashback and a layer of wood effect panelling makes this stripey kitchen a sight to behold. Wooden shutters add to the cosy feel, showing that black and white decor doesn’t have to feel cold or ultramodern.


Decorative Glass Splashback

US design firm Sebring shared this photo of a creative kitchen backsplash from Key Piece. We love the use of artwork behind a custom glass splashback. The possibilities are endless. A great way to really reflect your style and personality through kitchen design.


Grey Glass Splashback

grey glass splashback

And finally, this dark grey splashback looks so chic in this white, black and beige kitchen. The splashback brings together the different coloured elements of the kitchen and creates a striking focal point. A perfect combination for a classic yet modern style kitchen. This design is also ideal for a smaller kitchen space.

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