Origin Architectural Regular Suppliers of Point Fixings to Dunstable Glass

Origin Architectural regularly supply point fixings to Dunstable Glass. Stand offs (otherwise known as point fixings) have a number of uses.

They are predominantly used as part of  a Juliet balcony. The point fixings can be fixed beneath the reveal (base fixed) or at the side of the panel(s) of glass (side fixed).

Point fixings when used in a Juliet balcony are also known as stand offs. This is because they allow the glass to “stand off” the building. The most popular stand off has a 50mm diameter head. They are sold with a variety of thicknesses of back plate. Those thicknesses  are 10mm, 20mm, 30mm, 40mm, 50mm and 100mm.

Here at Origin, all of our point fixings are fully tested to the required line load test for a domestic balcony at height of 0.74kN. This gives Dunstable Glass full confidence that when they fit a Juliet balcony using products supplied by Origin Architectural they will be fully compliant with Building Regulations.

Our base fixed point fixings are tested to 0.74kN using 6 (3 pairs) of point fixings equally spaced along the base of a glass panel that is 1.4m square. It should use a laminate glass which should be either 17.5mm toughened laminate glass or 21.5mm toughened laminate glass.

Side fixed point fixings are an alternative to base fixed point fixings. When using side fixed point fixings, the panel of glass should be no more than 1.8m wide.

Our point fixings are supplied with a 10mm diameter thread. On request, we can supply a variety of lengths of thread in both zinc and stainless steel.

Origin Architectural is a trusted supplier of Dunstable Glass. Working together, they will continue to help their customers build safe and fantastic looking Juilet balconies!