Dunstable Glass – A Leading Glass Installer in Bedfordshire

Dunstable Glass are one of the leading installers in Bedfordshire of glass balustrades. Many of the balustrade installations that we complete use glass clamps. Working with our trusted supplier Origin Architectural, we can offer a tailored solution for any home or office.

Our glass clamps have a number of finishes. The finish that you require will depend on the application. We can supply zinc and internal-grade stainless steel clamps (for indoor use), external-grade clamps (for outdoor use), and external-grade mirror-polished clamps for use in areas such as swimming pools and where balustrade is being installed near the sea.

Stainless steel clamps need to be maintained through regular cleaning with a stainless steel cleaner. The frequency with which you need to maintain the stainless steel will depend on the environment in which it is installed. For most of our customers in Bedfordshire, they need to be cleaned 3 or 4 times a year. If the clamps are used near a swimming pool, then we would recommend that this increase to 5 or 6 times a year.

The most common application for glass clamps is when used with stainless steel posts. The back of the clamp is shaped to fit to the post. The clamps that we fit are designed for either 42mm or 48mm diameter posts.

Once the glass is in position, the clamp grips the glass using an Allen key. All of our glass clamps are installed using safety pins. A safety pin passes through a hole drilled into the glass panel and is then fixed between the clamp’s jaws. This is an additional safety measure to prevent the glass from slipping.

Origin Architectural is a trusted supplier of Dunstable Glass. Together, they will continue to help our customers complete their balustrade installations across Bedfordshire!