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This post discusses the products and services offered by Dunstable Glass- Find out more about Glass Suppliers Luton.

Glass Suppliers LutonGlass performs a significant functionality in most house. Be it on house windows to make the house snug or when it’s used on furnishings and features a change of material and a splash of colour. From practical to purely aesthetic, glass serves many different purposes in your home or property, many of which can only be fully realised in the hands of our experienced professionals.

We supply pre-cut or cut to size glass in Luton and throughout Bedfordshire and beyond, our high-quality glass is provided by Dunstable Glass to many commercial and residential customers in the region.

About Dunstable Glass – The Best Glass Suppliers Luton

Dunstable Glass is a reputable family run glazing business, supplying a variety of solutions to domestic and commercial customers throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and beyond. We provide you with a friendly, efficient service and a speedy solution to emergency glass requests any time of the day or night.

Whether we are tinting your windows, putting in toughened glass or furnishing your kitchen with a stylish splashback, we’ll do the job at the perfect price with a minimal amount of hassle and disruption. We pride ourself on the professional craftsmanship and excellent service that we provide. Our fantastic choice of glass products blends superior quality, variety and competitive prices you won’t ever find anywhere else.

If you need new glass installed, existing glass restored, or want more information on any of our glass services or products, contact us on 01582 807976 and one of the team will be happy to help.

Dunstable Glass Professional Services and Glass Suppliers Luton

1. Customisation

At Dunstable, we know that our customers deserve more than off the shelf goods. For this reason, we offer them to have the option to pick their glass, cut to size, in their chosen shape and design. Our very best service is custom make glass by your expectations by measuring and cutting to your precise requirements and then fitting it. You can expect the utmost quality finish and fast installation at very competitive prices. Our qualified glaziers can do all of this while you wait and observe, or we can just deliver your beautifully cut and finished glass to you.

2. Variations of Glass

There isn’t any limitation to what sort of glass you’re looking for. At Dunstable Glass, just about anything you can imagine, we can do. Our wide range of bespoke glass allows for our customers to decide the size and shape they want.

3. Suggestions and Recommendations

Quite a lot of people come to us without a clear image of what they want regarding glass. This is fine! Whether, you need a new shower screen, dining table topper, kitchen cabinet doors or new glazed windows, Dunstable can advise you and offer you tips so that you can select the best-matched glass and designs for your home or business. We’ve got a lot of experience, a love for glass and will help you decide what meets your needs.

4. Low-Cost Professional Fitting

Our alternative to shopping for glass by using a store and choosing a company to install it for you is our showroom, where you can look at all of our products and solutions and hear about the professional services we offer. Our team of industry experts, we can help you make your selection easy. Once you select the glass you are looking for; our team professionally cuts, fits and delivers your glass, so you’re receiving a fully tailored service.

6. Glass Restoration Solutions

Glass is susceptible to fading and breaking, so it’s widespread for us to get calls enquiring about restoration of domestic or commercial glass. If you have glass in your home or business property that is looking worse for wear and needs a little bit of TLC, then we offer fantastic restoration/replacement service! At Dunstable Glass, we repair damaged glass, cracked glass and glazing swiftly. We have more than 40 years of experience in glass repair and maintenance, which includes glass restoration. We also have a 24-hour emergency service for any boarding up requirements that can’t be delayed.

Dunstable’s Fabulous Range – Quality Glass Luton

1. Toughened Safety Glass

Our safety glass is five times stronger than usual glass, and this prevents it splitting or cracking. Toughened safety glass is designed for heavy loads or higher traffic areas and specific zones. Whether its dining room table tops, car or truck windows, shelves, door glass and even furniture glass. There is no doubt that it is strong enough to handle the tension. A benefit of toughened safety glass is the unfortunate event it breaks; it breaks into small shards with no razor-sharp shards that can be dangerous. Safety glass is easy to style, design and cut into different shapes and sizes.

2. Laminated Glass

If you need high-quality glass for your exterior doors, shop facade or balustrades, laminated glass is your answer. This form of glass stays secure and safe having a solid interlayer that’s unseen to the eye. The key benefit, besides being secure is it fails to shatter when damaged due to the fact it’s maintained together securely and safely by the interlayer. Laminated glass offers durability and strength for high-impact zones together with sound insulation and protection against ultra-violet sun rays.

3. Mirrored Glass

The days are gone when decorative mirrors were basic and uninspiring. These days, mirrors are supposed to appear and feel extravagant to serve the characteristics of your own home or business. Our decorative mirrors will add uniqueness, style, functionality that will create an illusion of living space or room in your house. At Dunstable Glass, we’ll custom make any size and shape mirrored glass based on your specific features. We pride ourselves on being warm and friendly, accommodating and versatile and this is shown within the feedback from customers we are given. We have a selection of mirror frames to help you choose a unique and bespoke mirror for any room in your home.

4. Balustrade Glass

Nothing makes a veranda, outdoor patio or stairway appear more sophisticated than an unusual balustrade of glass. The Dunstable Glass team understands this unique architecture when producing balustrade glass for our customers. Together with cutting a perfect fit, we can come and fit the custom glass where you want it. There are plenty of other artistic techniques that you can use balustrade glass, for example; fencing a pool area, rooftop balcony or decked area. For ideas and suggestions give us a call on 01582 807976, and our team will be glad to help.

5. Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is excellent for enhancing privacy and bringing colour into a bathroom, bedroom, church, conference areas or workplaces. Dunstable Glass has a multitude of tinted, textured and translucent glass for innovative and privacy needs.

6. Coloured Splashback Glass

Home decor is essential. However, many places such as the bathroom and kitchen are susceptible to splashes and splatters which commonly tarnish your house decor. Our coloured splashback glass is excellent to safeguard these types of surface while keeping the areas vibrant, clean, and clean. Glass is easy to wash, and the colours add design and beauty.

About Us

We are a family run business and have been providing the best individual services in residential and commercial glazing solutions to local households, property owners, and business owners for over 40 years. We’re a reliable glazier that can provide guidance and options for glass when it comes to your home or property with a 24-hour glass emergency service if you need it.

We have worked tirelessly throughout the last four decades to make our reputation as the best specialist of residential and business glazing services in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

We take great pride in our artistry since there’s no point in providing a product to our customers if it isn’t the best. Our team consistently stick to the old adage, ‘measure twice, cut once’. Our committed and expert approach means you will get a perfect glass solution that perfectively matches your space.

Our Showroom

You will find a wide range of high-quality glass products and solutions ranging from kitchen splashbacks and bathroom mirrors to patterned, coloured glass and shower screens in our showroom. Whatever glass you may need we can supply and fit it on your behalf. Come and visit us to check out the vast number of Glass solutions we provide.

If you are searching for glass repair, security glass, mirrored glass, balustrade glass, splashback glass, glass ideas or Glass Suppliers in Luton or anywhere in the Bedfordshire region then contact us on 01582 807976 and our expert team can help. Alternatively, visit our showroom in Dunstable or have a look at our wide variety of services and products here.