Made to Measure Mirrors from Dunstable Glass


Description of work

When a homeowner in Dunstable was renovating their en suite bathroom, they required a beautifully-crafted mirror to enhance the space. However, the quirky sloped ceiling and recessed lighting made finding a ready-made mirror impossible. Every standard option left awkward gaps at the top that detracted from the high-end style the owners desired.

Thankfully, they found Dunstable Glass, sharing the intricate room dimensions for a fully tailored solution. With over 50 years installing mirrors of any shape, size and style, we were experts in addressing their unique challenge.

Our technicians provided recommendations on the ideal glass, beveling and finish to perfectly complement their aesthetic vision. Then we got to work fabricating a frameless mirror fully contoured to their distinctive bathroom. The resulting focal point was a gorgeous, sloped mirror filling the wall and reflecting light from the specialty fixtures. No awkward gaps, just seamless elegance.

The homeowners were wowed by the accuracy of the fit and the mirror’s ability to amplify light throughout the room. “I didn’t think anyone could make a mirror tailored so perfectly to my unusual ceiling and lighting nooks,” the owner told us. “Dunstable Glass made it happen with their true customization skills. Now our bathroom feels like a high-end spa!”

From small vanities to full mirrored walls to specialty shapes, our made to measure mirrors provide precision reflections. Bring our 50 years of expertise to create the focal point unique spaces deserve.