Building Safe, Sleek Elegance with Glass Balustrades


Description of work

An architect contacted us seeking durable, aesthetically-pleasing glass balustrading for a new 3-story town home design they were drawing up. The outdoor staircases and overhead walkways in the open floor plan required a transparent railing system allowing light to filter through. However, the utmost safety was equally important for this family dwelling space. Only toughened laminated glass could achieve both aims.

Here at Dunstable Glass, architectural glass installations have been our specialty for over 40 years and counting. Our technicians recommended 12mm tempered safety glass with a sleek steel handrail for maximum durability and elegance. Over several weeks, our team fabricated and installed flawless floor-to-ceiling glass balustrades along the stairways and overhead passageways.

The result is a stunning focal point enhancing the modern interior design with sheets of crystalline light. The transparent panels prevent obstructing views yet offer total security on the pathways and stairs thanks to the unbreakable glass. As the lead architect reviewed our finished work, he remarked “I wasn’t sure anyone could build glass balustrades matching my exacting specifications for safety and beauty. Dunstable Glass delivered on both fronts with their architectural glass expertise.”

Whether a commercial high-rise or luxury home like this townhouse, we can construct glass bannisters, canopies, walkways, and railings tailored to your site’s needs. Discover why designers trust us decade after decade – contact Dunstable Glass to build your vision today with durable, crystalline elegance.