Bespoke Wine Cellar Glass Doors with Dunstable Glass


Description of work

A wine connoisseur in Dunstable desired a controlled climate wine cellar in their home to properly store their expanding collection. They required glass doors that would seal in ideal conditions while allowing guests to admire the displayed bottles. With an arched stone doorway and recessed lighting, only a customised glass solution would align.

The homeowner called on our team at Dunstable Glass to bring their vision to life. With over 50 years fabricating made to measure glass products, we were the clear experts for this niche project. After assessing the space, our technicians recommended triple-glazed argon filled glass panes fitted into an insulated steel frame. This combination offered superior insulation to maintain the cellar’s environment and humidity levels.

Over several weeks our artisans designed, crafted, and installed beautiful arched glass doors flush with the stonework. The airtight custom construction and crystal clear panels protect the cellar contents without obstructing views of the racks within. The customer was thrilled with the finished piece, pleased they could “finally control the wine climate while showing off the collection behind transparent yet insulating glass walls.”

For specialty enclosures like humidity-controlled wine cellars, our tailored glass solutions meet unique challenges. With bespoke doors, dividers, and encasements handmade in our workshops, discover why designers and homeowners in Dunstable turn to us year after year.