Stunning Spring Decorating Ideas for Your Kitchen

spring decorating ideas

Spring has finally arrived here in the UK! The sun has been shining and the flowers are blooming, signalling growth and new life, a change from the deep, cold dark of winter. Spring is a time for new beginnings, inspiration and change. It’s when we all brandish our dusters and polish, ready for the annual spring clean.

This year, perhaps you are thinking of making a change to your home, adding a burst of colour or changing up some old décor. Why not make a start with your kitchen – the heart of the home? We’ve put together some of the best kitchen decorating ideas to inspire and motivate you to bring some positive change to your home this spring.

Spring Decorating Ideas

Fresh Blooms

spring decorating ideas

When it comes to spring, one thing in particular ‘springs’ (pun intended) to mind, or maybe a whole bunch of them in fact! Yes, flowers. Daffodils, tulips, peonies and crocuses abound in spring, flooding the world around us with colour. So why not bring some of that outdoor beauty indoors, filling your kitchen with gorgeous blooms. One of the simplest, most effective spring decorating ideas is to use flowers to add colour and bring life to a room. Daffodils are easily picked up at your local florist, greengrocer or supermarket for next to nothing compared to the delight they bring. Their bright yellow faces add a much-needed pop of colour and touch of freshness to a space. Other less common spring flowers include hyacinth, narcissus, fritillaries and lilies of the valley.

Adding Colour

spring decorating ideas

If you are looking to add colour to your kitchen that is a little less fleeting, perhaps you could consider adding a more permanent dash of colour to your décor. Colour accents are very stylish, without being overbearing. A coloured feature wall in a bright, refreshing shade such as Dulux Pistachio Whip or Lemon Tropics could add that extra special touch you’re looking for. Or to go a bit smaller, change up an individual feature, such as door handles, curtains or tablecloths, that can be switched relatively simply to suit your mood. A coloured decorative glass splashback is a simple, yet effective way of adding colour to complement your walls, stylish yet practical. You are looking for fresh, spring colours to enhance your kitchen décor, examples such as light sunny yellows, leafy greens, sky blues and pretty floral shades. Using colours found in nature is the perfect way to bring spring into your kitchen. This year’s Pantone Colour of the Year has been announced as UltraViolet, a fitting colour for spring given the arrival of the delicate blooms it is named after.

Light, Light and more Light

spring decorating ideas

Light never goes out of style. Maximise the longer days and the sun’s stretching rays by letting more light in. Using glass in your kitchen décor enhances the flow of natural light throughout, bringing the spring sunshine inside.


Adding windows is the number one way to let more light into your kitchen. You will not normally need to apply for planning permission to add new windows, roof lights or skylights, although it is always best to check, just in case. Search for reputable local glass suppliers in your area to see the different types of glass windows you can have installed.

If such a drastic change isn’t in your sights (or price range!) there are plenty of other ways to enhance the natural light in your kitchen.


Wall mounted mirrors, as well as helping create the impression of more space, can make a room look brighter, reflecting the natural light around the space. The bigger the mirror, the more light it will reflect, the same goes for metallic appliances and accent pieces. Try to choose a mirror that will blend in with or complement your existing kitchen décor. Installing a framed mirror is a great opportunity to add a hint of colour. For custom mirrors, check out local glass suppliers for glass cut to size, totally unique to you and your space.

Curtains and Blinds

If you are opting for curtains or blinds, for example, if your kitchen is front facing and you want a little extra privacy, choose ones that will maximise the light coming through. Curtains made from sheer, thin fabrics in lighter colours will obscure windows without sacrificing light during the day. Additionally, when drawn they can make your windows appear larger. And for blinds, look for ones that have wider slats, as these will let in the most light.

If retaining privacy is a key concern, consider frosted or sandblasted glass as an alternative to blinds or curtains. Decorative glass such as this allows scattered light into the room, without obscuring the window, and is available in a range of styles and designs.

Colours, Again!

Remember, when it comes to maximising light flow, lighter colours will reflect the light, whereas warmer colours will absorb it. Using coloured accent items with subtle hints of silver, copper or glitter will help reflect light as well.

All Natural  

spring decorating ideas

In addition to using colours found in nature to bring spring into your kitchen, using natural finishes such as wood, stone, cotton and linens are an effective way to increase the outdoor vibes. The combination of earth tones and textures will give a real natural appeal. Also, adding a few green plants, even just some potted herbs can help bring the outside in and colour your space.

Kitchen Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces

spring decorating ideas

If your kitchen is on the small side, leaving you less space to work with when it comes to decorating, you’d be surprised to discover there is still so much you can do when planning a spring redesign.

When decorating small spaces, maximising space is one of the most important factors you will need to consider. There are three main ways you can achieve this:

Clear away any clutter, especially from your kitchen sides, as this will make your kitchen look cramped. If you don’t have much in the way of cabinet space, there are many clever storage hacks you can find online to store all your kitchen essentials. For example: use the full height of your kitchen to maximise space, hanging pots and pans up high and displaying chopping boards on the wall. Adding hooks on the inside of cupboard doors to hold extra items and using backless bar stools that can be tucked under the counter as extra seating are both effective space saving techniques.

As we mentioned earlier, more light helps a room look larger as well as brighter. Using lighter colours and reflective surfaces (particularly mirrors) will help reflect light, brightening the kitchen and giving the impression of space. Installing under cupboard lighting is an effective way to make it look like you have more space as well as serving as stylish low lighting for entertaining.

Make sure your decorating scheme is simple and clean, reducing the appearance of business and clutter. Do not use too many different colours or textures as this can have a messy effect adding to a cramped vibe.

Having a small kitchen does not mean you can’t do anything when it comes to redecorating. Use these simple tips as a guide to make your kitchen look great this spring season.

Kitchen Decorating Trends for 2018

spring decorating ideas

If you are updating your kitchen in 2018, and looking for design inspiration, here are a few top trends set to dominate this year.

Rich, deep colours are already proving popular this year, from Pantone’s Colour of the Year UltraViolet, Lush dark greens, deluxe plum and opulent turquoise, making a bold statement in your home. Perfect for accent walls, splashbacks or kitchen furnishings and sure to make an impression.

This year we are also continuing our love affair with all things metallic, from handles and doorknobs to table legs and mirror frames. Look out for gold, copper and silver accents, which also have the added bonus of reflecting and maximising light.

The theme of spring is prevalent this year, with an emphasis on botanicals, a mixture of natural textures, and earth shades. Large retailers such as John Lewis are bringing out new ranges with an air of ‘world traveller’ about them, showcasing intriguing patterns in natural shades that one might expect to see on a market stall in Mumbai.

Marble is another trend that has carried over from last year. Marble is a perfect material for table tops and counters, hardwearing and reflecting light effectively and stylishly. For those who love the marble look, but not the price tag, marble contact paper is easy to find and apply to tables, counters and even cabinet doors. White marble and bright spring flowers together make a truly stunning combination.

If you are planning a kitchen remodel for spring, consider some of these decorating tips to make the most of your space and give it a truly fresh feel. Now, go outside, enjoy the sunshine and smell the flowers. Spring is here!

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