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We have already established that we love our pets here in the UK. Data and statistics firm Statista reports that in 2017, consumer expenditure on pets reached £4.62 billion, nearly double the amount spent in 2005.

With 45% of households reportedly owning at least one pet and more studies stating that animals are good for our well-being, that amount is set to rise even further. Spending is no longer limited to posh cat food or a nice scratching post

. Companies worldwide are breaking into this growing market by creating new, innovative technology-based products for our pets, and judging by the statistics, business is booming, with plenty of owners willing to part with their hard-earned cash to upgrade their pets’ lifestyles.

There is plenty of new technology to get excited about in 2018. Advances in virtual reality, self-driving cars, smart cities, and artificial intelligence offer humans a whole new world of possibilities.  

All of these fantastic inventions are exciting, useful and potentially even life-changing. So why should our furry friends be left behind when it comes to such incredible technological advancements? We’ve compiled a list of helpful, intriguing and downright bizarre pet technology available today.

Pet Cams

pet camera screen phoneMissing your animal companion while you’re out at work? Using remote surveillance technology, pet cameras allow you to keep an eye on your fur baby while you’re away. Many pet cams now let you sync the camera with your smartphone and receive alerts when your pet barks or there is a flurry of unusual activity.

With two-way communication, you can speak to your buddy, which is ideal for pets suffering from separation anxiety. It’s also perfect for the naughty pet who jumps all over the furniture and claws at the curtains the minute you close the front door.

Your firm voice might make them jump initially, but it might stop any destructive behaviour. You can even get a two-way camera, allowing your pet to see your face as you speak or comfort them if they’re nervous or scared.

Self Cleaning Litter Boxes

Most of us will agree that one of the less pleasant aspects of owning a pet is dealing with waste. Thanks to technology, your days of raking through kitty litter are over.

This ScoopFree self-cleaning litter box features a sensor that detects when your feline companion has used it and will automatically rake the litter (after your cat has exited). However, the ‘odourless’ system is not cheap and will set you back over £100 if you choose to get one.

Automatic Feeders

cat feederIf your pet needs feeding multiple times a day while you may be at work, or if you are out at odd hours and therefore can’t always be around for feeding time, there is now a solution. Digital feeders have been around for some time, allowing you to place dry food in a closed tray that will open at the programmed time.

This is great if your pet only eats dry food. But for those with a more complex diet, you can now purchase an automatic feeder with a built-in ice chamber to store wet food safely. You can even record your voice on some of these auto feeders to announce when it’s ‘dinner time’, so your pet knows when food is ready.

If your pet doesn’t need feeding during the day but you want to reward it while you’re out, you can also purchase automatic treat dispensers that remotely activate to dish out treats to your pet when they behave nicely or are a little nervous.

Personalised Cat Flaps & Dog Doors

cat flap fitting in glass BedfordshireWe all know that our pets need exercise, so having a cat flap or dog door in your home is perfect if you aren’t around to let them in and out. The problem many owners previously faced was that any neighbourhood cat, dog, fox or hedgehog could pop in whenever they pleased, causing stress to both pet and owner.

The solution came in the form of magnetic cat flaps, which would only open when a cat approached, wearing a magnetic token on their collar. Problem solved… except that other cats with magnetic collars would still be able to enter the property, plus cats are experts at losing their collars, meaning they would be stuck outside and their owner would have to fork out for another magnetic collar.

Moving on from magnetic cat flaps, the latest technology to be developed is microchip cat flaps. These cat flaps and dog doors open only for your pet, using their unique microchip, so other unwelcome visitors cannot get in. Customers rate models like the SureFlap microchip cat flap for their ease of use and convenience. If you’re a devoted cat lady (or dog—no taking sides here!), no problem!

The SureFlap microchip flap can be programmed with up to 40 different cats’ microchips, so you can comfortably accommodate an entire cat army (if you wish). It also comes equipped with Night Mode, which switches the settings only to allow pets to enter, not exit, so you can be sure your pet will be tucked up safely indoors for the night.

Get the SureFlap microchip cat flap or dog door installed in your home here. Contact us today or visit our showroom to learn more about fitting cat flaps in a door.

GPS Tracker

Every owner’s worst nightmare is their pet getting lost. And for dogs or cats that run off chasing a bird or hunting for food, once they realise they are lost, they can get very stressed, too. This is where a GPS tracker comes in handy. The simple device can be clipped to your pet’s collar to let you know if they have left their designated ‘safe area’ and quickly locate them, putting pet lovers’ minds at ease.

dog puzzle toy

Tech Toys & Entertainment

Technology has addressed many of the critical practical problems of keeping a pet. But there is also a wealth of fun, clever inventions designed to keep your animal friends happy and healthy and promote play.

Like humans, play is necessary for animals. It teaches them desired behaviours and can help stop issues such as aggression. We are excited and intrigued by some of the toys and pet entertainment available today.

Puzzle Toys

For pets that need lots of stimulation, puzzle toys are perfect, providing hours of entertainment when you are not available to play with them. Brands like PupPod and CleverPet have interactive puzzle toys that help your pet learn while seeking treats as a reward. You can even control the game difficulty from your phone!

Robotic Pet Sitter

Remote-controlled pet companion Pebby is a new product developed in Singapore that allows you to check on and play with your pet remotely. The Pebby is a durable ball with a camera that lets you see your pet as they play.

The most exciting feature of Pebby is that you can remotely control it to roll around your home, letting your pet chase it and increasing their activity levels throughout the day to keep them active and healthy. The company behind Pebby is running a Kickstarter campaign to bring Pebby to the mainstream marketplace.

Laser Toys

We’ve all seen videos of cats chasing a laser pointer around the room. Something about that tiny beam of light enthrals animals for hours on end. Tech company Frolicat has produced a laser toy that can be switched on during the day to provide plenty of entertainment and exercise for your furry friend.

Activity Monitor

sleeping catAre you worried your pet isn’t getting enough exercise? Why not try a pet activity monitor to track your pet’s daily activity and let you know if they need more exercise to stay healthy?

The PitPat 2 Activity Monitor clips onto your pet’s collar, monitoring their play and rest times. You can even share the data with your vet.




dog tech gopro harnessOutdoor Adventures

For the adventurous pet and their owner, technology company GoPro, known for its action cameras you can use on the go, has developed a harness your pet can wear when out and about so you can truly see what they see.

Comfortable and lightweight, this fun addition can help you record those long walks and sunsets while enjoying time with your best friend.

Play Fetch

If your dog loves to play fetch and happily chases a ball until dinner, give your throwing armrest the iFetch ball launcher. This piece of kit can throw balls from between 10 and 30 feet, depending on your dog’s agility and the space you have available.

The above is just a small selection of the truly unique products available to help improve our lives and those of our pets. It’s hard to imagine what might be next for the world of pet technology—a dog-walking drone?

Or maybe virtual reality for pets, so your cat can explore the jungles of South America while prowling around the backyard. Whatever technological developments come along, we can be sure that devoted pet owners will continue to splash out on giving their pets the best life possible.

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