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This article discusses the products and services available at Dunstable Glass – Find out more about our Glass Cut to Size in Watford.

Glass performs a substantial function in every property; from the aesthetics to the main structure of your building. Be it on house windows to make the property warm or when it is used on furniture and display cases to feature a change of material and a splash of decoration. In Watford and the Hertfordshire region, high-quality glass is supplied, cut and fitted by Dunstable Glass. At Dunstable Glass we understand that glass is much more than a material; it’s the distinction between simple and delightful in your project.

Glass Cut to Size WatfordDunstable Glass is a trusted family run glazing company, providing a full range of services to domestic and commercial clients throughout Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas. We offer a friendly, efficient service and a fast response to emergency boarding requests at any time of the day or night, and have been since 1979.

Whether we are tinting your windows, putting in toughened glass or furnishing your kitchen with a stylish splashback, we’ll get the job done at the right price and with a minimal amount of fuss, cost and disruption, leaving you without a huge bill, no stress and a beautiful glass installation or repair. We pride ourselves in skilled craftsmanship and excellent service on every project that we undertake. Our magnificent choice of glass supplies mixes high quality, variety and competitive prices that you won’t find anywhere else in and around the Watford area.

If you need new glass installed, existing glass repaired, or want more information on any of our glass services or products, give us a call on 01582 807976 and one of our highly knowledgeable and experienced team will be happy to help you decide on the best solution and choice for you.

From practical to purely aesthetic, glass serves many different purposes in your home, many of which can only be fully realised in the hands of experienced professionals.

Dunstable Glass Professional Services in Watford

1. Customisation

At Dunstable Glass, we know that our customers deserve more than off the shelf products. This is exactly why we give them the option to select their own personal glass, cut to size, in their chosen shape and design. Our very best service is we custom make glass in accordance with your needs by measuring and cutting to your specific requirements and then fitting it. We provide the maximum quality finish and swift installs at very competitive prices. Our highly skilled glaziers can perform all of this while you wait and observe or we can just deliver your beautifully cut and finished glass to you.

2. Variations of Glass

There is absolutely no constraint to what type of glass you want. At Dunstable Glass, almost anything you can imagine, we can do for you. Our wide variety of glass enables our customers to simply choose the shape and size they would like, or provide us with measurements for their glass installation to fill. If you think your house could do with a small visual update and you don’t want to pay through the teeth for it, replacing the glass around your home can make the world of difference. From tinted glass to patterned/decorative glass, we have a glass variation to suit your dreams and your project.

3. Advice and Recommendation

Some people don’t have a clear picture of what they want in regards to glass, or just are not aware as to what is possible ascetically and practically with glass. Whether, it’s the shower door, dining table, kitchen cabinets or home windows, we can advise you and offer you suggestions to help you select the best-suited glass and designs for your home or property. We have a lot of expertise, a love for glass and our experienced team can help you choose what is right for you and your project.

4. Low-Cost Professional Fitting

Our alternative to shopping for glass through a retail store and choosing a company to install it for you is our showroom where you can view all of our products and hear about the services we offer. With ample parking and our team of experts on hand, we can help make your decision as easy as possible for you. As soon as you select the glass you are looking for, it is cut to perfection by our experienced team, fitted, and installed at your convenience, leaving you not out of pocket and worry-free.

5. Repairs

Glass can break and it is often at the most undesirable times. At Dunstable Glass, we repair damaged glass, broken glass and glazing quickly to any requirements; from size to glass type. We have in excess of 40 years of experience in glass repair and maintenance, which includes decor. We also have a 24-hour emergency service for any repair that cannot wait. We also recommend our Toughened Safety glass to defend your premises for broken glass.

Dunstable’s Fabulous Selection of Watford Glass Products

1. Toughened Safety Glass

Our safety glass is 5 x stronger than normal glass and this prevents it breaking or cracking. Toughened safety glass is perfect for weighted loads or high traffic zones. Whether it is table tops, car or truck windows, shelves, door glass or even furniture glass. You can be assured that it is strong enough to handle the strain. A benefit of toughened safety glass is in the regrettable event that it chip or crack, it will break into compact bits and with no sharp shards that can be really dangerous. Safety glass is much easier to style, design and cut into different shapes and sizes, whilst ensuring the safety of those around. At Dunstable Glass, we are able to cut glass, even our Toughened Safety Glass, to exact size to fit the space you require.

2. Laminated Glass

If you would like superior quality glass for your entrance doors, store facade or balustrades, laminated glass is your solution. This type of glass remains safe and secure with a strong interlayer that is invisible to the eye. The main advantage, aside from being secure is it fails to shatter when broken because it’s kept together safely and securely by the interlayer. Laminated glass gives resilience and strength for high-impact zones as well as sound insulation and protection against ultraviolet rays to reduce the chance of cracking under pressure, making it safe to use in any room in your home or business property.

3. Mirrored Glass

The days are gone when decorative mirrors were basic and uninspiring. Today, mirrors are created to look and feel extravagant to serve the characteristics in your house. Our decorative mirrors can add uniqueness, style, functionality and create an illusion of living space in your home. At Dunstable Glass, we will custom make any shape and size mirrored glass according to your specifications. We pride ourselves on being friendly, accommodating and flexible and this is shown in the customer feedback we receive. We have an assortment of frames so you can choose a unique and customised mirror for any room in your property

4. Balustrade Glass

Nothing makes a balcony, patio or staircase appear more sophisticated than an amazing balustrade of glass. The Dunstable Glass workforce understands this particular architecture when designing balustrade glass for our customers. Along with cutting a perfect fit, we come and fit the customised glass where you want it. There are many other creative ways you can use balustrade glass, for example fencing a swimming pool area, roof terrace or decked area. Not only does our Balustrade glass provide a safe option for your property, it’s appearance will create an open room or balcony and make you the envy of your friends. For ideas and suggestions contact us on 01582 807976 and one of our team will be happy to help.

5. Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is good for enhancing privacy and bringing colour into a bathroom, bedroom, church, conference areas or offices, whilst still allowing the sun to light up your room. Dunstable Glass has an array of tinted, textured and translucent glass for creative and privacy purposes which can all be cut to fit any space in your property. Obscure glass can make the plainest of room brighten up and transform into a new retreat, with the added privacy of embedded patterns and colours to stop any people looking in and disturbing you.

6. Coloured Splashback Glass

Home decor is really important, however, certain areas like the kitchen and bathroom are susceptible to splashes and splatters which can tarnish your home decor. Our coloured splashback glass is perfect to safeguard these surfaces whilst keeping the areas bright, fresh, and clean, whilst being aesthetically pleasing. Glass is easy to wipe clean and the shades add design and beauty to your room and property, whilst protecting your surfaces to prevent damp or stains. Make your room stand out by having a coloured glass splashback installed on your property today.

Watford Glass Replacement – Local Watford Glaziers

We offer a high quality and efficient glass replacement service for all in Watford.

Here is a list of signs that you may need your glass replacing:

  • Chips & Cracks

A small chip might not seem much, but if you leave it then it can damage your glass even more than it originally was. A small chip can spread across the whole window (or whatever the glass is being used for) and potentially create a hazard for anyone that comes into contact with the glass. You may want to repair this yourself but you won’t be able to guarantee that the seal is definitely done correctly, which is why we offer these professional services at Dunstable Glass.

  • Window Condensation

This is one of the prime examples that mean your glass windows need fixing. If the glass is fogged up with condensation then you will need to replace the seal and glass. The condensation can rot and damage plaster and create extra moisture in your home, which is not good for any part of your house. If your windows are old or need an upgrade then you will need to replace the whole window itself. This may seem costly but in the long-term, it will be great for your property as it is unlikely you will need to replace again for many years.

  • Draughts

The last thing you want is a cold home, which could be caused by a number of glass related issues. It is likely that the glazing putty has worn out or the window frames have not been sealed properly. A lot of the issues within glass replacements are down to the poor quality in which they were fitted. Seals and frames that have not been installed properly will allow for gaps which will cause air to seep into your house.

  • Water Leaks

This may occur if the window isn’t closing tightly enough. The seal may need to be tightened but if this does not resolve the issue then the glass may need to be replaced too. Our comprehensive replacement glass services will ensure that the seals and frames are tight enough to withstand any future leaks or flooding in the area. Like condensation, water leaks can cause damage to all aspects of your home with mould.

Mirror Options For Our Glass Cut to Size Watford Glazier Service

Domestic Mirrors

Mirrors are one of those things can complete a home. At Dunstable Glass, we have a huge range of mirrors available in a variety of size, shapes and depths. Our unique mirrors allow for our customers to choose the perfect product to fit in their home. We have a selection of bathroom mirrors, bedroom mirrors, furniture mirrors and splashbacks for the kitchen, giving you the best choice in Watford. Areas that feel small or need some extra character may benefit from a mirror, so get in contact with us today for a quote!

Commercial Mirrors

We know that mirror requests in commercial settings need to be dealt with slightly differently. Our belief is that silver mirror glass with safety backing film is the most practical option for commercial mirrors. It is important that any commercial glass is installed professionally and compliant with health and safety protocol. We can provide glass to your restaurant, bar, shop and many other commercial buildings. At Dunstable Glass, we ensure that care is taken in the supply and installation to ensure that the glass is carefully installed for a long-lasting finish.

About Us

We are a family run business and have been providing the very best personal service in residential and commercial glazing solutions to local families, landlords, and business owners for more than 40 years in the Watford area. We are a reputable glazier who can offer advice and solutions for glass for any purpose of your home or property. From practical to purely aesthetic, glass serves many different purposes in your home, many of which can only be fully realised in the hands of experienced professionals. We have worked tirelessly over the last 40 years to carve out our reputation as the leading provider of domestic and commercial glazing services in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and the surrounding areas.

We pride ourselves on our expert workmanship as getting your glazing right allows you to reap the benefits for many years to come. Our highly knowledgeable and experienced team always abide by the old adage, ‘measure twice, cut once’. Our dedicated and expert approach means you will get flawless glass solution that perfectively fits your space and is made to last.

Our Showroom

You can discover a huge range of top quality glass products from kitchen splashbacks and bathroom mirrors to patterned, coloured glass and shower screens in our showroom. Whatever glass you need we can supply and fit it for you, or we can match your current glass and cut the glass to fit to size. Come and visit us to see the huge variety of Glass solutions we offer.

If you are looking for glass repair, safety glass, mirrored glass, balustrade glass, splashback glass, glass inspiration or glass cut to size in Watford or anywhere in Hertfordshire then give us a call on 01582 807976 and one of our expert team can help. Alternatively, visit our showroom in Dunstable or take a look at our wide range of products and services here