Cat Flaps – Freedom for Your Furry Friends


The UK is a nation of animal lovers. According to statistics firm Statista, 45% of UK households have at least one pet. The statistics show that 26% of households have a dog, making them the nation’s favourite pet, followed by cats, with 18% of households owning one.

It has long been acknowledged that animals can have positive effects on our health, life and wellbeing and the most recent statistics seem to agree. According to the survey by Statista, 93 % of respondents said that owning a pet makes them happy, with 88% stating that owning a pet improves their life.


Studies have shown that owning pets can have major health benefits too, contributing to lower blood pressure, a healthier heart rate and reduced risk of heart disease as well as being great providers of stress relief. And the advantages of owning a pet don’t stop there, the news is full of stories of extraordinary pets who have saved their owners from animal attacks, fires, seizures and more!

If our pets do this much for us, then really we should be doing our utmost to ensure our furry friends have the best quality of life during the time they are with us. Animals, like humans, need adequate shelter, food and water, exercise and access to healthcare among other things. Giving cats space to roam, especially when you live in smaller premises is just another way of making their life more enjoyable.

Most cats sleep up to 16 hours per day with some, especially kittens, sleeping as many as 20 hours. Outside of cat naps however, cats need exercise and stimulation. Toys and scratching posts can provide great amusement for your cat inside the house. But cats also enjoy the excitement and freedom of being outside, roaming the garden and exploring the neighbourhood. Installing a cat flap can give your cat the independence they need to burn energy during those hours that they aren’t relaxing indoors.

When it comes to cat flaps there is a myriad of available options, depending on your needs and budget. From basic cat flaps to high tech gadgets. There are magnetic cat flaps which open to a magnet on your cat’s collar, infrared cat flaps which open to a unique collar key, and microchip cat flaps which unlock to your cat’s unique microchip number. You can buy lockable cat flaps to ensure your cat stays in at night or out while you are at work and to prevent other cats entering, so that you and your cat won’t have to fend off unwelcome visitors.

Benefits For You & Your Cat

cat outdoors

Installing a cat flap has many benefits to both you and your cat, improving your lives and giving your cat a bit more independence.

With a cat flap installed your cat can come and go as they please, meaning you don’t have to be there all the time to let them in and out.

Your cat can be trained to go outside to use the toilet, saving you from having to regularly clean up an indoor tray, although it is suggested that you keep a litter tray for instances of bad weather or freezing outside temperatures.

Pets, when bored, can become destructive, scratching, chewing or pulling up things in the home. Having access to the outside via a cat flap will give them the opportunity to go outside to explore and find stimulation to expend their excess energy.

Cat flaps are lightweight and made of plastic, so will not hurt your cat in any way if they decide to charge through it or do as cats often like to do and play at hitting the cat flap until it swings back and hits them. Thanks to the lightweight flap material, they will come off with nothing worse than a bit of a surprise and some damaged pride.

To find out about fitting cat flaps in glass doors and window panes, visit our page.

Dog Flaps for Your Canine Chum

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While cat flaps are very commonplace, many owners do not realise they can get a dog flap installed for their canine companion as well. Dog flaps are perfect for energetic dogs who need lots of exercise and cannot be cooped up in the house all day, helping to avoid boredom and destructive behaviour. Dog flaps are also ideal for dogs with poor bladder control, as they do not have to wait for their owner to come home to let them outside to use the toilet.

At Dunstable Glass, we can fit cat and dog flaps into the following:

  • Single Glazing
  • Double Glazing
  • Porches
  • Conservatories
  • Windows
  • uPVC Door Panels
  • Patio Doors
  • Walls

We fit leading microchip cat flaps SureFlap and the PetPorte cat flaps, which come with locks, timer control, integrated draught excluder and selective entry for your pet.

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