Bathroom Trends for 2019 – Get Inspired

bathroom trends 2019

The cold dark evenings are the perfect occasion for a warm, relaxing soak in a bubble bath. Picture wine, music, candles and an hour of pure relaxation. Bliss. Until you spot the leaking tap, the peeling grout and rusty fixtures out of the corner of your eye, that is. Not quite the sanctuary you envisioned.

If you think your bathroom is in need of a makeover, have a read through some of our bathroom decor ideas coming in 2019.

Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Going for a complete redesign? Here are some tips for bathroom renovation ideas in 2019.

Bathrooms are no longer simply a functional space where people brush their teeth, shower and take care of their private business. Don’t get us wrong, functionality is still important when considering your bathroom’s design. But these days, people are seeking more from their bathrooms. They want a space they can relax in and take pride in.

When planning out your bathroom remodel, consider your use of the space. Don’t just haphazardly shove your bath or shower up against the wall and be done with it. We’ve seen some beautiful bathroom examples with showers and freestanding baths taking pride of place in the centre of the room. Immediately drawing the eye and giving the room more of a relaxed, rather than practical, feel.

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For small bathrooms, where the layout is more limited, check out our tips later in this article.

Bathroom Suites

When choosing a bathroom suite, look for materials that will stay in style for years to come. After all, most of us don’t remodel our bathrooms every year. Materials that are long lasting are a must as well.

freestanding bath

Freestanding baths have made a big splash in interior design in recent years. For a more traditional bathroom style, opt for a clawfoot tub. Or for a more modern touch, choose a freestanding tub like the one pictured, a contemporary style and shape.

exposed hardware bathroom

We have also seen a surge in exposed sinks such as the one above. This combines minimalism with a trend for exposed hardware that we have seen more and more of lately.

stylish shower

Don’t forget to make room for a stylish shower. Gone are the plain white tiled showers. Design trends are now leaning towards patterned, textured tiles and darker colours like black and slate. For made to measure glass shower screens, contact us at Dunstable Glass. We can fit and install your custom made shower screen to the highest professional standard. For shower screens in Bedfordshire, get in touch.

Modern Bathroom Design

We’ve taken a look at some of the more modern bathroom design trends coming in 2019.

open bathroom concept trend

Open bathrooms are a concept we’re sure to see more of next year. If you have an ensuite, why not open it up, using toughened privacy glass or steel as a barrier between the bedroom and bathroom. Make your morning routine more seamless with an open bathroom design as seen here in Elle Decor.

bathroom statement wall

Statement walls are familiar territory in interior design. But for bathrooms, they are something only recently beginning to be explored. Make one wall in your bathroom your focus wall and bring a pop of colour or a unique pattern to your design. Offset with whites and greys to make it really stand out.

marble bathroom trend

Marble has been big in 2018 and it doesn’t look like it will be going anywhere anytime soon. If you can’t stretch to a full marble bath or shower, marble accents such as shelving units, soap dishes or faux marble tiles can still give that luxe look.

spa bathroom

As we said earlier, bathrooms are not just functional spaces anymore. They are aspirational. Perhaps this is why bathrooms designed to look like relaxation spas are becoming more popular. Incorporate luxury linens with subtle lighting and a clean, uncluttered space. Plants can also give a spa-like feel to a bathroom. Choose natural colours to enhance the serenity of the space. Natural materials such as bamboo and slate are perfect for this.

industrial bathroom design ideas

Don’t miss out on the new industrial revolution. Exposed hardware, copper pipes and concrete have come back in a big way. Think metal light fixtures, exposed sink pipes and copper towel radiators. Concrete, once thought of as the ugly sister of slate, is now in the spotlight. Starting earlier in the year with concrete plant pots and soap dishes, we are now seeing concrete countertops, floors, sinks and walls.

bathroom mirror

Make a statement with a beautiful mirror. House Beautiful recommends adding an ‘impactful mirror’ to create something that feels ‘personal and unique’ in your home. For bespoke framed and unframed mirrors cut to size, look no further than Dunstable Glass. Read our blog on finding your ideal mirror for more inspiration.

Bathroom Colour Trends 2019

This year’s colour trends were all about deep, rich tones and earthy shades. For 2019, we are moving towards a more muted colour palette.

dark green bathroom renovation

Conjure up images of deep dark forests with dark green tones with hints of grey. How about a green feature wall in the bathroom? Lighter fixtures and fittings will stand out nicely against this darker green shade. It will also contrast beautifully with metallic accents.

muted pastel bathroom colour

Millennial pink is fading out of the spotlight, making way for more muted pastel tones to take their rightful place on the design stage. These more subtle shades will bring a touch of colour to your bathroom style and will not date the same way bolder shades will. If you want to move away from plain white, but are nervous about bringing in colour, these discrete shades are ideal.

grey bathroom

We are seeing more and more grey used in bathroom design lately. From tiles to fixtures. With industrial inspired style a big thing at the moment, its no surprise. Interior designers are particularly recommended tinted greys, with a hint of another colour such as purples, greens and blues.

terracotta bathroom

We have also been told that you can expect to see a comeback from terracotta next year. Spurred on by this year’s return to earthy tones, terracotta is getting a makeover. Look out for terracotta accents, tiles and decorations in bathroom trends for 2019.

Small Bathroom Ideas

small bathroom ideas

If you have a small bathroom, don’t feel like you have to miss out on some of these 2019 bathroom trends. There is a wealth of inspiration you can use to transform your bathroom into a mini sanctuary.

Narrow wall shelves are a great way to store your bathroom necessities as well as decorative accents such as vanity mirrors, plants and reed diffusers. Make sure you declutter so that the space is not messy.

For ensuite bathrooms, the open design concept could be a way to create more space and flow around your bathroom.

waterfall shower

If you can’t fit a bath, you can still experience some relaxing luxury with a waterfall shower. Let your cares melt away under the patter of warm rain.

Remember, a small space doesn’t mean you are limited when it comes to design. Your only limit is your own imagination.


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